Suspended cucumber trellis

Prompted by my very green-thumbed uncle Doug, I installed twine between the porch railing and an upper window to trellis my cucumber plants. This takes advantage of the limited space on the patio, allows the plant to have better access to sunlight, and will hopefully result in a nice little canopy of green! At installation 2 weeks ago:ImageA

And in other news, the tomato and pepper plants have finally started producing tomatoes and peppers, while the pea plants yielded ~1cup of peas before succumbing to the heat and shriveling up. Oh well, at least they were tasty!



Tomatoes and cucumbers in the ground

Tomatoes in the ground

While enjoying the cool evening air, I was inspired to create a wall of green along one side of the patio. The challenge here is that the wall is brick and there is not an obvious way of attaching shelving or other structures to it.

One possibility is to hang a dowel out the upper windows that look down upon the patio. I could then string a support between the dowel and the railing, from which to hang plants. Seems like a lot of effort for a rental, but would probably be rewarding in the end!