Back in the saddle

I’m visiting my PhD lab this week, it’s so nice to hang out with my buddies and work at the bench again!

2014-09-24 16.27.05


Studious me

Studious me

My main project right now is a solar-powered PiCam that I will be using for time lapse photography on our upcoming drive across the country. So far I’ve gathered the parts and tested the camera:

Auto recursive shot (I refuse to use the word s**f** )

Auto recursive shot (I refuse to use the word s**f** )

The last two days I’ve been working out a method to gracefully shut down the Pi in the event of battery depletion. Although the MoPi looks super cool, it ships from the UK and I’m strapped for cash anyhow. It looks like I will be able to do low power shut down myself using the LBO indicator on the PowerBoost routed to a GPIO pin. Then I’ll write a little script to run in the background and query that pin, safely shutting down the Pi if the signal goes low.

Next up: finishing the wiring and jumping into some Python!

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